2021: Popular Kaduna Prophet, Pastor Emmanuel Releases 41 Predictions


Popular Kaduna clergy and shepherd in charge of the Blessed Embassy, Pastor Dr. Emmanuel Simon has released his annual predictions for the year. The prophet who released 0ver 40 prophecies bothering on security, politics and and other issues.


Here are the prophecies as received:




  1. Security Issue – Journalists and social media will be used against men of God.



  1. I see a great revival.




  1. I see banks crashing.


  1. I see a new currency. 


  1. I see terrorist, flood, fire disasters that will cause economic scarcity in the country.


  1. I see a great challenge that will make people not go out. 


  1. I see NNPC in trouble. 


  1. Queen Elizabeth’s family needs prayers. There is a challenge


  1. I see Unstable economy, a challenge in government.


  1. I see Covid-19 still threatening. 


  1. I see fire disasters in the eastern part of the country. 


  1. I see police fighting themselves – junior officers fighting the senior officers.


  1. I see an agricultural boom.


  1. I see nations fighting insurgency and I see insurgency crippled. 


  1. I see another currency in Nigeria. 


  1. I see hope for Christians in 2023 in Kaduna state. 


  1. I see past leaders die among which one of them is a past president. 


  1. I see changes in Buhari’s cabinet. 


  1. I see serious problems in Aso rock, I will not say much here. 


  1. Good News for the youth, I see youths fighting back politically. 


  1. I see assassination of some political leaders in the country.


  1. I see more attacks in the villages in Nigeria.


  1. Buhari needs prayers, pray for the president. 


  1. Pray for Donald Trump.


  1. I see miracle children and marriages. 


  1. I see powerful restoration. 


  1. Our prophetic declaration for the year is RESTORATION AND PRESERVATION. 


  1. I see scarcity of fuel.


  1. I see a business mogul coming to help Nigeria’s economy with whatever maybe in the area of fuel supply. 


  1. A lot of men of God will be threatened by this government but we shall prevail. 


  1. Nnamdi Kanu and his men will be threatened seriously. The Eastern security will be grounded. 


  1. The South East and West will experience serious floods.




  1. I see earthquakes around the world that will shake big buildings.


  1. I see policies that will distort the Christian faith but the church prevailed. 


  1. I see a terrible disease around the world. 


  1. I see between January, February and March a great shock.


  1. 2021 will be full of challenges but it will be far better than 2020. 


  1. I see the death of a great man of God. He has finished his work and is going to rest. 


  1. I see shock in the nation that I will not like to talk about it now, but when it happens everyone will understand.




  1. Every child of God should wait patiently and see the salvation of the Lord for the Egyptian we see today we shall see them no more… It is a parable. 


  1. Welcome to the year of RESTORATION AND PRESERVATION.


 I remain your humble servant Dr. Emmanuel Simon. The senior shepherd of THE BLESSED EMBASSY, OIL VILLAGE, MAHUTA KADUNA STATE NIGERIA.  



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